Chief Dr. Louis Emeka Eze

Member, IGSOBA Board of Trustees

Chief Dr. Louis Emeka Eze

Hon. Iduu Louis Emeka Eze hails from Ihiala, in Ihiala LGA of Anambra State. He was born to the Dioha Royal Family of Ihiala. He was a 1966  graduate of Ika Grammar School under late Principal Clifford Eneli. Prince Eze returned to the East at the beginning of the Civil war and was later  commissioned Officer of the Biafran Army.

He served meritously as a Captain in the Army at various sectors including the Commondos (under Colonel Sterner,) and was later posted to the Biafran Army Training School (Owerri) under Colonel Akaher, and the School of Infantry in Orlu under Colonel Ochei, as Instructor. He returned to his Alma mater at the cessation of hostilities in 1970 for his Higher School studies.

He was the Senior Prefect in late 1970 to1971, when the Higher School was disbanded under Principal Obi. He taught at Urhonigbe Grammar School for a year following his GCE Advance level papers. Hon Iduu Louis Emeka Eze was a graduate of the following Universities: Northern Kentucky University, BSc,  Highland Heights, Kentucky. MSc; Xavier University Cincinnati, Ohio MEd. D.Ed. University of Cincinnati. Ohio. LLB,  University of Wolverhampton, UK. ( Higher Diploma in Law.)

He was M/D of John-Lees Industries. Cement distributors of Dangote, Ibeto and Eagle cement. Founder and Proprietor of Sacred Heart International Schools, Ihiala. He has sat at the Board of several companies. A Philanthropist, Chief Eze is a Catholic, and an honored Major, of the Knight of St, John International, (KSJI.). Hon. Iduu Louis Emeka Eze, served under Governor Peter Obi as the Liason Officer for Ihiala I Constituncy.

He is happily married with Children and grandchildren.